I offer editing services for most fiction genres/subgenres—romance, science fiction, mystery, thrillers, suspense, adventure. I do not edit erotica or works that condone or glorify violence against women.

 Before agreeing to any project, I request the first chapter of the manuscript to ensure that my skills and the client’s needs sync.

Return times vary and are negotiable.

 For more information or to send a chapter, contact me at pamelaclare@earthlink.net.

 Line-by-line edit — As the editor of a busy daily newspaper, I had to edit all elements of a story at the same time on a hard deadline. I don’t know how to edit any other way. This thorough edit of your manuscript includes content, spelling, grammar, dialogue, plot holes, verb tense, POV glitches, word choice, style, accuracy, period-appropriate vocabulary (if applicable), consistency, pacing, and coherence.

$0.015 per word


Copyediting & Proofreading — This service is for clients whose manuscript needs basic editing for missed typos, spelling errors, and consistency issues. If your manuscript needs more effort than I can provide through copyediting, I’ll notify you.

$0.01 per word


Editing work is scheduled in advance. Return times can be negotiable depending on how many projects are in my queue. I can negotiate rush jobs for an additional fee if I have the time.

 All prices are based on the manuscript’s word count when it is received. Half of the fee is due up front upon receipt of the manuscript. The other half is due when work is complete before the manuscript is returned to you. All payments are non-refundable.

 Payments are accepted via PayPal and Venmo. A transaction fee will be added to the final invoice.