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Book 4 in the Cobra Elite Series

Left behind on a hostage-rescue-gone-wrong, former SEAL Dylan Cruz must break all the rules to keep a beautiful young nun safe from a murdering cartel boss. But this nun isn't who she seems to be. Gabriela is about to turn Dylan's life upside down.

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Book 3 in the Cobra Elite Series

When Quinn McManus' best friend from his days in the British Special Air Service is found dead in an alley in Glasgow, he turns to Elizabeth Shields to help him find the man who did it. As they cross the line from friends to lovers, they find themselves in the sights of a stone-cold killer.

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The 6th book in the Colorado High Country series

Haunted by a climbing accident that claimed the lives of his best friend on Mt. Everest, Harrison Conrad returns to Scarlet Springs and retreats into a bottle of whiskey. Kenzie Morgan tries to bring him back to the world of the living by asking him to foster a puppy. As friendship becomes something more, Kenzie must risk her heart to heal his. 

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I've been a romance reader since I was a teenager. Romance novels have brought me countless hours of suspense and excitement as I traveled to times and places I otherwise might never have seen. But romance novels offer far more than a few hours of escape. They deal with the issues that strike most people closest to home — hopes for the future, the desire for relationships that last, and, of course, the need to be loved deeply and completely.

I've known since I was very young that I wanted to be a novelist. It was only natural that I write romance novels. It is my deepest hope that my stories will carry you away and touch you the way so many wonderful author's books have touched me.

 All my best,