Author's Notes Extreme Exposure

This was my first contemporary romantic suspense novel, and writing it was both terrifying and tons of fun. It was terrifying because I'd never even read a romantic suspense novel before and wasn't sure how to balance romance with suspense or how suspenseful the suspense needed to be. It was tons of fun because the language was so free. After three years of writing historicals, I was used to thinking over every word and looking many up in the dictionary to make certain they existed at the time in which the story was set. Now, all of sudden, I was able to use any word I wanted to use.

The result was an explosion of creativity. What I remember most about this book was laughing while I was writing it, not only because of the fun things I could do with language, but also because I was essentially writing about my day job and putting inside jokes in the story that I thought other career journalists would find funny. Not that many career journalists have read the book, but still... At least I amused myself.

Some readers have expressed disgust with the way Kara conducts herself in the bar and the kind of crude questions she asks Sen. Reece Sheridan. But, for the record, that whole conversation is based on one that truly took place with yours truly as the potty mouth in question. Three margaritas, and my tongue is out of control.

I found myself falling head-over-heels for Reece, of course, but also the members of the I-Team — yes, even Tom — and the quirkiness of their relationships. I felt like I'd known them all forever, which is funny because most of the reporters I've worked with through the years have been men. In this book, I particularly had fun with Holly and with Kara's nutty New Age mom, who would fit in marvelously in my hometown, Boulder, Colo.

And the great thing about writing a series is that I get to bring them all back again!

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