I-Team Shop

The I-Team series might be over-for now-but that doesn't mean you can't carry it with you. The Pamela Clare I-Team Shop is now open on Café Press, selling a range of T-shirts, hoodies, tank tops, mugs, water bottles, bags, and other items with the official I-Team logos. 

The logos were designed for me as a gift by Lynsey Marion Bryan, a dear friend of mine from my newspaper days, who died suddenly and unexpectedly in March 2015. Using her logos is a way of keeping her with me. 

I plan to expand the shop's variety by adding "Team" art with your favorite hero's name on it-"Team Marc," "Team Julian," "Team Zach," "Marcangelo Lives," and etc. 

Café Press does ship overseas, so the items are available internationally. 

Thanks for 10 years of love for the I-Team series! 

Click here to check it out!